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Project Description

Kaleta.Network library extends .NET network API by defining objects as Distributable Objects. These can be easily synchronized with all clients in a network session without to implement further network logic.

If one client creates a new distributed object, all other clients get this new object. If you change a property of a distributed object, all clients will be notified about this change and will have this new updated value. The usage of this library is very easy. You have to just derive your class from DistributableObject and register those properties you want to synchronize (distribute) with other clients. See the Tutorial page to get an idea how easily this can be done.

* Build on .NET Framework
* Simplifies the distributing of objects over network (using UDP protocol)
* Uses client-server architecture
* Client just registers what properties should be distributed
* Using ordinary getters/setters: these properties then server distributes to all clients
* Build on top of Lidgren network library

Please see this short tutorial for more info: QuickStart

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